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Introduction to Piano

The Introduction to Piano Class is a 5-week class designed for students who want to try out piano lessons before joining our Preschool Group Piano classes.


The Introduction to Piano class:

  • relates the skills and concepts learned in the Music for Little Mozarts classes to the piano

  • teaches students and parents the importance of daily piano practice

  • gives students a solid foundation of knowledge to make a successful start in Preschool Group Piano classes upon completion.


Students may join this class at any time, but it is recommended that students with no prior music classes (in school, or otherwise) join the Music for Little Mozarts classes first.

Students are NOT required to have an at-home piano or keyboard for this class.


What does a typical class look like?

Music for Little Mozarts classes are highly structured to make the most of our time together - AND so we have time to have FUN together, too!  Here's a typical Little Mozarts class:


Sing the Hello Song together, followed by another movement activity or song.


Review concepts from the previous class.  


Introduce new material through storytelling and song.



Practice new concepts using the piano and other instruments.


Reinforce new concepts through games and activities.


End with a listening activity and the Goodbye Song.

What Your Child Will Learn:


Basic music terminology


Keyboard geography


Steady beat & rhythm patterns


Simple pieces taught by rote


Imaginative stories and songs

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Written to provide appropriate instruction for ages 4-6, the Music for Little Mozarts: Meet the Music Friends is a comprehensive approach that develops foundational piano skills through stories, songs, and activities at the piano.

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Students enrolled in Introduction to Piano classes will have access to the curriculum, songs, and stories for use at home during the week.  Students are encouraged to explore the piano at home outside of class.


Open enrollment for beginners, Ages 4-6!

Enroll now for Fall 2024

Fall enrollment is open!  We are currently accepting: 

  • students age 4-6

  • who want to try out piano instruction in a group setting

  • no at-home instrument required


Fall classes begin the week of September 2, 2024.

Class schedule is determined by interest and student availability.  On your enrollment form, please indicate your availability in detail to be placed in a class.

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Have more questions about Introduction to Piano?

Check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below. 

Still need help? 

Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and I'll be happy to assist you!

  • How do group piano classes differ from group music classes, and which one is more suitable for my child's needs?
    It is recommended that preschool students successfully complete at least one Music for Little Mozarts group class and/or the Introduction to Piano course before beginning Preschool Group Piano Classes. Music for Little Mozarts group classes are focused on general musicianship skills and do not require a student to practice piano outside of class. Students may take the Music for Little Mozarts classes as many times as they desire - there are 3 "levels" available, but they may be repeated if desired. Preschool Group Piano Classes do require practice with parental help outside of lessons, as do private lessons. If you do not yet own a piano, or cannot balance parent-led piano practice outside of lessons, the group Music for Little Mozarts classes would be the best fit. Families who are ready to commit to daily parent-led piano practice outside of lessons may join the Preschool Group Piano class.
  • How long are the group piano classes, and how often are they held?
    Preschool Group Piano Classes meet once per week for 40 minutes.
  • How much do group piano classes cost?
    Preschool group piano classes are $90 per month, or the semester may be paid in full for a small discount. This fee includes: - All weekly lessons - Access to online course materials - One in-class performance at the end of the semester ​ At enrollment, all students are assessed a $20 studio fee to help keep our studio running smoothly. ​ Parents are responsible for purchasing all necessary books and materials at the beginning of the semester. ​
  • Will the teacher provide materials such as sheet music and textbooks?
    Parents are responsible for purchasing all materials required for class. This may include, but is not limited to, music books, sheet music, flash cards, workbooks, plush characters, etc. Parents must have access to email and My Music Staff for weekly practice assignments.
  • What curriculum is used in the classes?
    Our group piano classes use the Music for Little Mozarts Piano Course to make the transition from Music for the Little Mozarts to piano classes familiar and FUN!
  • Can I drop my child off?
    Parents of preschool students are encouraged to attend the majority of their child's classes. Preschool students tend to need daily help practicing, so it is best to observe what we are playing during the lesson so that you can help them at home. You are always welcome to record any part of the lesson to refer back to it later.
  • Does my child need a piano?
    Yes. Students must have a piano in the home prior to enrolling in group piano classes. If you need recommendations for a first instrument, I will be happy to provide a list of acceptable instruments at various price points.
  • What is the level of commitment required for group piano classes, and is there a minimum enrollment period?
    Group Piano enrollment is for the semester (15 weeks.) Parents and students should be commited to practicing at least 15-20 minutes per day, 5 days per week outside of class.
  • Will my child have the opportunity to perform in public or participate in competitions?
    Preschool students enrolled in group piano classes will have a small in-class performace during the last class of the semester. Preschool group piano students are not eligible for competitions, adjudicated contests, or studio classes, but may join these events once they have entered 1st grade and enroll in traditional private piano lessons.
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