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Not "techy"? Here's a simple way to set up for online piano lessons!

A common objection to online lessons that I hear is that potential students don’t think they can handle the technical side of taking online lessons.

They say “Online lessons would be so convenient, but I’m not ‘techy’ so I could never take online lessons.”

Well, the good news is that you don’t have to be “techy”! There’s no need to fear the technical side of lessons because you can use very a simple setup and still achieve results. If you have even the most basic knowledge of how to use the devices you already own, you can easily set yourself up for success in online piano lessons.

Follow these 5 easy tips to do all the tech setup needed for your first online lesson. And the best news is, that most of this setup will only need to be done once before your first lesson!

  1. Check your Connection Speed: Go to and do a free speedtest.  If your upload or download speed is less than 15mbps, contact your service provider to upgrade your service.

  2. Set Up Your Device: Choose a device other than a smartphone (laptop, tablet, desktop computer) and position your camera so that your piano, hands, and sitting position can be seen. Use a stool, table, or tablet holder to stabilize your device.

  3. Set Up Your Sound: Increase the volume on your microphone through your computer settings.  Decrease the other sound in your home (siblings, TVs, music, appliances, etc.)  Use headphones for the best sound during the lesson.

  4. Set Up Google Meet: You can log in early using the link provided.  While you are in the waiting room, go to Settings and turn off Noise Cancelling.  You can also check your video and audio settings to ensure everything is working.

  5. Connect & Have Fun!: Make sure that you have all your materials, including a pencil, ready for the lesson and warm up while you wait.  The teacher will let you into the Meet at your lesson time. Get ready for an engaging and highly effective lesson!

And remember, when you take online lessons with an expert teacher like me, I can patiently guide you or your child through any issues that may arise during the lesson.

Interested in online lessons? Check out my website for more details. Click “Enroll” to request a free, no obligation trial lesson to see how easy, engaging, and effective online lessons can be!

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Feb 21
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Great information! This definitely puts my mind at ease and makes the tech setup seem very doable!

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