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You probably already have everything you need for online piano lessons.

With an increasing number of services moving online, you likely have accumulated everything you need to start online lessons! Your setup can be simple and still allow you to get the most out of our highly-effective online piano lessons.

Young boy sitting at a keyboard while watching a piano lesson on a desktop computer monitor

Here's an example of simple setup using items that you may already have:

1. A tablet, laptop, or desktop computer with a large enough screen that you can see the teacher’s demonstrations. Smartphones are really too small for lessons and should be avoided unless you are using them as a second camera.

2. A tuned piano or keyboard will allow you to play along with the lesson and be in the same key as any recordings or demos used.

3. Headphones are essential to be able to hear the subtleties of the techniques that will be demonstrated in the lesson. Tablet and laptop speakers are generally too small and quiet to work well for lessons, and can cause echo. Headphones solve both of these problems!

4. A Google account and Gmail address will allow you to access Google Meet and all of the Google products we use during lessons, like Jamboard! Your weekly assignment will be emailed to your Gmail account (or whatever email you have on file.)

5. A tablet stand or desk is necessary to hold your device steady during your lesson. Don’t try to balance it on your piano - it will slide off as soon as you play, which wastes valuable lesson time. Don't leave it to chance - if you don't already have a tablet stand, this is a small investment that will make a world of difference.

6. Piano books and materials will be recommended for you following your Meet and Greet. Make sure to have all materials and a pencil ready before logging in for your lesson! You can keep all of these handy in your piano bench, a basket, or a bag near your piano.

This is a very simple, yet effective, setup that anyone can set up in a short amount of time. Over time, you may choose to add an additional camera, an external microphone, or larger monitor, but you don't need any of that to just get started!

Were you surprised how easy it would be to get set up for online lessons?

Do you already have most of these items? Let me know in the comments!

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